Marketing Materials


So you think you need a website for your business, and considering that it is 2022, you are probably right about that. Great! Now all you need to do is figure out what exactly you need to put on this new site, how it should look and feel for your visitors... and how to actually make it into a reality.

While you're thinking about how this site should look and work, you might think that you could use a logo, or maybe some copywriting. You may come to find that all of your favorite companies that you do business with don't just have a website, but they also have snappy and very visually appealing graphics in their emails to you and found wild around the web. They have distinct and compelling taglines, a style that immediately makes you think of them when you see an ad of theirs, and a certain way of speaking directly to you as a customer. Surely it must be some sort of sorcery, right? A magician's trick or the work of some mad scientist seems likely.

No. It is quite benignly the result of a keen eye for design and the effective use of industry-leading tools. This is what we can provide for you and your business. We can create an entire brand identity for you complete with logos, websites, templates for your outgoing emails, custom-made infographics and mailers for your potential customers, unique copywriting for all of your communications, tailored posts for social media... the list goes on but suffice it to say that if you can imagine it, we most likely can provide it.

We have included a selection of example marketing material work below.

Kailey Draws

I am Kailey Fry, MFA. In addition to being the head of design here at Redstart Sites, I also create commission drawings. I love to draw, especially things that are important to you. I initially got my start in doing commissioned work drawing portraits of diabetic alert service dogs for my fellow Type 1 diabetics. Since then, I have taken on commissions for logos, landscapes, pets in general, and educational posters for children and wildlife enthusiasts.