We build websites, consult small businesses, provide tech support, and create marketing materials.

We harness best-in-class tools and combined decades of experience in visual and communication design, system administration, and technical analysis to make top-tier websites, collaborative solutions, and marketing materials for small businesses and non-technical people. Even if you're not a fancy web developer or tech whiz, you should be able to have a great website and/or systems for your project or business. Our emphasis on one-on-one collaboration in addition to our fanaticism for quality makes us uniquely qualified to help get your business to the next level -- no matter what your existing skill set is.

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Our Process



First, we collaborate with you. Together we identify and define your website’s functional needs, brand identity, and user experience. This is a vital step in ensuring your expectations will be met, and the end product will reflect your business accurately. This process of collaboration does not end at step one, however. We continually collaborate with you for the entire process, start to finish. When building a site or brand identity, we are your partners all the way!



Next we consult you on new systems, online tooling, security, etc. and put together a general plan for your business to function well. In short, we provide you with a clear and concise action plan along with our reasoning for each decision. If at any point you need more information or clarification, just ask and we will happily make sure that you are well-informed as to what is going on, and why. This can be one-on-one support, creation of specialized educational materials for you, or anything else that you may need.



We put all our plans to action. We design and build your website, marketing materials, systems designs, and deploy. During this part of the process, you will get updates/examples of your website's aesthetics and functionality. As collaboration is foundational to our process and values, you will be as involved in this step as you would like. To learn more about our consulting process click here.



Last but not least, we will always continue to support you. Whether you need a quick update added to your site, or any random question answered, we are always here to help. While we create things that are meant to be as low-maintenance as possible, we will always be available to improve upon or change things as your needs evolve. 

How Redstart came to be...

We noticed good people struggling to run their businesses online because of astronomical costs and wildly confusing guides for how to get up and running.

As someone with a background in running a one-man hosting company, I've long been familiar with the generous margins that come with renting out little slices of the internet for people to park their websites on.

Back in the early 2000s, charging a 15x-30x multiplier on fixed costs made real sense because of the expertise required and hard work necessary to monitor, administer and troubleshoot issues surrounding basic webhosting took a significant human toll on operators.

The internet doesn't work like that anymore, but you're probably still being charged like it does. Nowadays, the biggest headaches that I used to encounter as a web host simply don't exist due to a fantastic leap forward in automation and tooling, and a precipitous drop in the cost of hardware and bandwidth. Despite all of these wonderful technological advances, there has not been a proportional impact on consumer-facing prices.

In fact, it's led to a new paradigm of internet that leaves users confused about pricing, locked into their existing provider, outsized reliance on central platforms like social media, and dealing with a general sense of frustration and disempowerment when it comes to their web presence.

That all frustrates me, so I teamed up with Kailey Fry to make a human-to-human service that combines all of the perks of the modern web with the prices that actually reflect reality."
                       -Tyler Sharp, Co-founder Redstart

Kailey Fry

MFA in Collaborative Design from PNCA. With a focus on healthcare related design, Kailey provides tools that empower our clients to confidently pursue their personalized online presence. Her background in patient centered design makes her uniquely qualified to always keep the end user in mind. She works with our clients to create the best online experience for their customers.

BA in Professional Photography - Her photography expertise provide curated images for your website that communicate clearly and efficiently

Empathy is key to a good user experience and a well documented design process results in well-defined products 

Tyler Sharp

(Pictured above behind Nala, our office cat)
Utilizing his 20 years of IT experience Tyler specializes in implementation, deployment and logistics. He has experience with every level of the technology stack that you'll encounter while running any type of business online. Everything from problems with your personal computer, the software you use, or the environment that you're using to run your online presence are in his purview. If it happens between "sitting down at your computer" and "a possible client visits your website or uses your service," Tyler can help.

Tyler has experience with web design, server administration, privacy and security consulting, and over a decade of helpdesk support for end users.

Our Core Values


We pride ourselves of delivering the highest quality of products possible for your needs. Our designs are elegant, compelling, and functional. By using the most current industry standard tooling and years of experience, we know our products (and your sites) are top-notch. 

We believe that every business deserves the opportunity to present itself in the best and most compelling way available. We are working on making the internet a better place for everyone, one site at a time. Your site can be part of that!


This is where we shine. We do not believe in befuddling and confusing our clients with buzzwords or jargon. With our background in working directly with non-technical clients, we have become experts at explaining what you need to know in a human-understandable way. So many of today's online tools are intentionally confusing, creating a huge barrier for the majority of people to utilize. We put extraordinary effort into reducing or eliminating this barrier through being absolutely clear about our costs, tools, and processes. Our only secret sauce is the many years of experience that we draw from.


All of our relationships start from a place of empathy. We know what it feels like to be have difficulty identifying a problem, let alone trying to figure out and implement solutions. Our business exists to help you and your business thrive, and we do our best by putting ourselves in your shoes. We always aim to meet you where you are comfortable and tailor our services to meet your needs. 

Rather than just work with your bullet-pointed list of requirements for your site or marketing campaign, we continually ask ourselves what we would do if we were the ones trying to launch or amplify this business. Our aim is to exceed your requirements, with a goal of landing squarely on your aspirations.


While this may seem silly, a lot of people don't really own their own websites, and many of those people don't even know that that is the case. Countless businesses are completely beholden to social media networks to continue functioning, and have little to no recourse if, for example, an automated Facebook bot decides to delete their page, or if their Instagram account gets hacked. For 99% of our clients we build a site that can be hosted anywhere. If for any reason your site crashes or disappears, the files we provide can be uploaded nearly anywhere, reducing recovery time in some cases to mere minutes or hours rather than days or weeks.  It is your site and you should have complete control over it.

What do we do?

We do three things.

First, we build websites for people that don't want to deal with the hassle, complexity or cost of getting something simple and beautiful up and running . Want a simple website for your business or project at a fraction of a fraction of the cost that you'd pay at other design firms? Click here for a detailed explanation, and FAQ for Redstart Build, or alternatively click on Build at the top of the screen.

Second, we create all manner of marketing materials. A great website is often (though not always!) enough to effectively represent your business online. In many cases your standalone website is competing against websites that also have newsletters, visually compelling emails, snappy taglines, posters, flyers, business cards... the works. If that is what you need, we can create all manner of custom designs as well -- and usually at a lower price point than our competitors. Kailey even makes custom commissioned artwork for your home and office! You can find out more by reading about that on our Marketing page or by going to Kailey Draws, the separate site for that offering.

Third, we provide consultation services for every area of your business. From communication design to cost analysis to auditing business flow, we make sure that every bit of resources at your disposal is being used to its fullest potential. That can be your time, your money, your space or your effort. Whatever you feel you would like optimized, we can take a look at it!

Click here for more information about that, or click Consult in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

How much does this cost?

Prices will vary depending on the scope of the project and the budget of your business. Send us a message at the bottom of this page for a free consultation and quote.

Who are our customers?

Rapidly growing
businesses & businesses that are restructuring and/or rebranding

People that want professional-grade technical services but don't want to get ripped off. They are people that value only paying for they need. The majority of our clients work in healthcare, wellness, and the arts. We have found that many people in these industries get wildly overcharged for what should be reasonably-priced services. This is also largely because of who we know and what we are already passionate about in our personal lives. However, if your business is not in these fields do not be afraid to contact us for help. Our goal is to make the whole internet more accessible for everybody no matter what they do!

What Our Clients Say

I contracted with Redstart Sites to help me build a new website after working with another company for several years. The reason for the change was financial and the inability to update my website to make it more professional and accessible for those seeking my services online. I work full-time and do not have time to call customer service during business hours or spend hours learning how to navigate technology that I do not fully understand.
This company made the process simple and affordable. They created a new website that was contemporary, user friendly and easy to update on an as needed basis. There were no hidden costs and the prices were reasonable for the professional and personal quality.
I also needed to be HIPPA compliant and this was easy to manage with the new website and email that was created and linked to my website. I would recommend this company for those seeking the best services available for a professional who owns their own business.

S.F., Psy D. 

I found Redstart Sites through friends. They completely designed my web page for my psychotherapist practice and I could not be happier. They are extremely talented, professional and responsive--and continue to improve my site as needed. Five stars is not enough! Save yourself a headache and call them!


When I first approached Redstart Sites with my idea for a food delivery service, I was concerned that I had too broad of an ask. I needed not just a website built, but also copy written, logos and print materials created, and initially I even needed some help keeping track of clients and orders. Kailey and Tyler went above and beyond by not just helping with my website, they helped me with my business.

S.S., Small business owner

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For the most prompt and useful response, please be descriptive about what it is you think you may need and what details about your current situation are pertinent.

- Kailey Fry & Tyler Sharp