Who do we consult?


Rapidly growing business

A businesses that is still functioning off of a minimalist structure but has opportunity to rapidly grow in size. 


Restructuring and/or rebranding business

A business that is moving from a start up to a long term structure, new ownership, relocating,  or changing to a new type of client/customer.

How it works


We listen to you

You let us know what is happening with your business. We ask questions and start to draw/visualize the system you are currently functioning in. This is a process that allows us to truly understand what we are starting with and all the elements involved.   


We collaborate with you 

Now we start to identify the areas of your business that could use the most help. This is when we discuss and agree on benchmarks we would like to hit and an overall vision for the future. 


We mock up our plan

This is when we draw up the roadmap/master plan for your future. We lay out all the steps, tools, and educational materials needed to create meaningful change.  



Now we put the plan into action! We will assist you throughout any deployment of  changes. We hope to set you up in a way that allows you the freedom to make changes on your own, however we are always available to help out in anyway. 

Our Motivation

To be helpful to others! Ultimately, we want you to be happy every day that you go to work. We want your business to work at its full potential without killing the people who make it all happen. There are far too many businesses that are making a profit but will eventually fail because running the business isn’t healthy for the people in it. We aim to help you create long-lasting sustainability for the business and the people in it. 

How are we different?

We work with compassion and empathy first. Our unique strengths in designing systems, extended tech support, and business ownership experience allow us to cover a lot of ground. We collaborate and customize everything for you. We give you everything you need while educating you and your team to do it yourself, without wasting your time or energy. 

We consult businesses on...

Streamlining internal processes 

Collaborative integration/systems

Identification of pain points, areas for improvement 

Security/operational management 

Improving efficiency and reducing redundancy

Marketing planning and deployment