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There has never been a better time to build and launch a website -- seriously. The processes and tools for designing, hosting and promoting sites are cheaper, faster and more user-friendly than ever before.

This is great news for legacy businesses that have built up large customer bases over the past decade! Their margins are wider than ever before, and a big chunk of their customers have been conditioned over decades to accept that having a modern, attractive and performant website costs hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars per year.

That's where we come in.

The reality of the current landscape regarding building and  hosting simple websites for individuals and small businesses is that it's entirely possible to have a site where a year of uptime can cost less than a fancy coffee or big salad. We migrate your existing site to these modern platforms, dramatically reducing (or in some cases, entirely eliminating) your bills around your online presence. We do not charge monthly or yearly, we only charge for deliverables and for our time. Once we have created and deployed your site, it is simply yours. We don't need to charge you for constant maintenance because the goal is to produce a product for you that doesn't require much (if any) maintenance.

Read further for an in-depth FAQ, and a small selection of previous work. Contact us here for a quote.

What exactly do we build? And for whom? 

We build fast, beautiful, modern, performant websites that clearly communicate what it is your business does, Compared to our competitors, they generally load faster and more reliably, come automatically optimized for both desktop and mobile, and don't need secret wizardry in order to score well in SEO testing. They are also way, way, WAY cheaper to host on a monthly basis than nearly anyone else. That is the secret sauce, full-stop.  

As for who we build sites for, currently most of our clients are in the healthcare, wellness and the arts. This is because when talking to some friends, we realized that these areas are wildly overcharged as a matter of course. We think that this is wrong. It makes it far more difficult for brilliant people to share their skills and products and thoughts with the world. Unlike our competitors, we know exactly how much it actually costs to provide hosting and design services and will happily tell you about it! 

There have been a handful of clients that for internal business reasons required staying on their existing provider for their unique dynamic site needs. For those clients, we primarily function as designers and provide a once-over of their billing situation to make sure that they're not paying for unused upsells. 

Depending on your needs, if it's necessary that your business stays locked into a particular vendor, we will assess whether or not we can provide you with reasonable value at our price point. If it seems like hiring us would end up costing you an unnecessary amount of money versus the value we can provide, we will refer you to a person or agency that better fits your needs. 

What do we not build?

We do not offer the creation of mobile apps, web applications, web-based services, APIs, serverless functions, or any other form of custom software. While that is something that we will keep an eye on, it is not on our development roadmap for the foreseeable future

Does everyone need a static site?

 No. There are use cases where static sites are not ideal. For example an eCommerce store that needs to handle inventory and billing would need to have dynamically-generated pages. The same goes for a forum that stores user input and displays it to other users.

That being said, depending on your workflow an eCommerce site could run on a static site in some cases. For example if you just need to display what is for sale and then complete transactions over the phone or in person, you could be saving hundreds (or in some cases thousands) of dollars per year.

Expanding our ability to meet the needs of eCommerce clients is on our development roadmap, and is planned to be a regular offering starting Q3 of '22.

How does payment work?

Payments are processed through Stripe, an industry leader that processes millions of transactions per day. When payment is due you will receive an invoice with a link to safely and securely provide payment.

For more details, email us at contact@redstartsites.com and we will give you a free consultation & quote.

What is a static site?

A static site essentially just contains the bare necessity for a web page to appear correctly in your browser. Rather than the site having to build itself every time someone visits your page, it's ready to go immediately once somebody visits it.

This has four key benefits:
1. Speed. Depending on the site, a static page can load 5x, 10x or even 100x faster than its dynamically-generated counterpart.

2. Cost. While dynamically-generated sites can cost $5, $10, $30 or over $100 per month to operate, it is possible to operate a static page for pennies per month or even free. It is feasible in some use cases that the only cost for operating your site would be the ~$10 per year that you would spend on the domain name. That is in fact the cost for this entire website. We do not pay for compute time, disk storage, bandwidth, CDN, DDoS protection, domain privacy, or fancy proprietary "site builder" features that the vast majority of customers would never use.

3. Security. Because there is no fancy software working behind the scenes to create the page, there is very little to hack into. Since the entire site just exists as a file on the visitor's computer once it's visited, there is no fancy software (eg WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.) generating your page that a possible attacker can target. That being said, nothing is "unhackable" and we do not make that claim. Static sites are, however much easier to restore should they get knocked offline due to their simple-as-humanly-possible storage configuration.

4. Portability. You can host your website pretty much anywhere that you would like to. We provide your entire site backup as a single (generally not very large) zip file that you can simply upload to your host of choice. You can (for a small set of examples) unzip the contents into the public_html folder of a BlueHost or DigitalOcean instance, upload them to Github Pages, deploy to Vercel or Netlify or Fastly, or even host it on your own home network using an old pc that you don't mind leaving powered on. If you for any reason at any time decide that you want to migrate from one host to another, we provide you will all of the necessary files to do so in minutes. Keep in mind that if you need us to do a migration after your initial deployment, that will be billed as support time.

Can my website be connected to a HIPAA compliant e-mail and/or forms?

Yes. Though we do not offer that directly, we can walk you through setting up HIPAA compliant email address through accredited third parties such as HushMail and ProtonMail. We can also help to integrate that into your site.

How do I stay in contact with you during this process?

However is best for you! We offer support over the phone, via email, and over text messaging or your preferred messaging (eg WhatsApp, iMessage, Telegram, etc.)
We are a small outfit, so we do not offer 24/7 support but we generally respond within a few hours or a day at most. Phone support must be scheduled beforehand.

How long have you been in business?

While Redstart Sites was officially started in 2020, the team has been working together on various projects since 2013.


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