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Tyler is good with computers.

I have been doing tech support and troubleshooting for more than half of my life. Be it managing a network of servers across the country at the age of fourteen, or helping people remember that ctrl+shift+esc is usually better than ctrl+alt+delete, to helping answer the ages-old question: "is it broken?"  I've handled nearly everything under the sun.

I am very used to working with non-technical people and over the years I've developed a great skill for patience and documentation. I understand that some technical problems can be recurring and not everybody has the time, energy or bandwidth to remember the sometimes niche and convoluted solutions to common issues that can make a person stumble while trying to accomplish even the simplest of tasks.

For this reason, I've taken up the habit of documenting the solutions to the issues I'm asked to resolve, and sharing them with my clients. Where applicable, I provide my notes in the form of a series of screenshots in a document, a relevant screen recording, or a simple text-only document with the necessary instructions, This means that ideally, you should not have to call me twice to solve the same issue (unless you'd like to!) 

There sadly isn't really enough room on this page to list the width and breadth of my experience, but the majority of my Support clients come to me through word of mouth. If you are here, there is a good chance that you've already heard from somebody that I've helped. I hope that they have given you a sense of how I was useful.

Do not hesitate to send me a message if you don't know whether or not a particular issue falls within my purview. Just send a message with a very brief description of your problem, and I will let you know if it's something that I can help with. I may have a high opinion of my professional ability, but I will always be the first one to immediately say that something is out of my wheelhouse and refer you to someone else that is better suited to help you. For example, I do NOT support printers remotely. 

$50 per 30 minute increment